Valve Will Remake Left 4 Dead 2 With Next-Gen Engine?

How many of you who were looking forward to the presence of Left 4 Dead 3 today? With the success of the first two series, released the latest sequel of the franchise which is of course a very rational decision. Unfortunately, we’re talking about the developer – Valve were so far known to have never released any game series that shows the number “3” in it. Good Team Fortress, Portal, and Half-Life, everything stopped in the second series of numbers. Coupled with a flurry of activity to ensure the success of the new platform ecosystem they create – Steam Machine, hope to enjoy Left 4 Dead 3 seems to be gone. However, it does not mean Valve did not prepare any game to compete at next-gen market and to get GTA 5 hack online you can visit

This is evidenced by confirmation of the presence of next-gen Source engine 2.0, which had been raised since last year. Coupled with Gabe Newell earlier statements that are more eager to create more game-based multiplayer in the future, Left 4 Dead certainly one spearhead it.

But instead of releasing the third series, Valve will reportedly do the remake of GTA 5  with the Source engine 2.0, which is designed to compete in the market of next-gen. Rumors are growing stronger after one presentation technology Valve leaked in cyberspace, showing a significant difference in visual quality for him. Not only that, the presentation also showed superiority Source 2.0, including the easy to modify any of the content offered by the developer.

Valve itself has not given any official comment. Left 4 Dead 2 Remake and instead of Left 4 Dead 3? Maybe Valve indeed, can not count to three ..

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