Turn Back The Legacy Project “FIFA 17”?

Rockstar name is synonymous with quality. Through the cold hands of developers on this one, the best iconic games in the gaming industry was born. The popularity of Grand Theft Auto seems to be the most tangible evidence for the claim this one. Not surprisingly, it seems that many gamers are so excited to welcome the presence of “FIFA 17” in the past 2009 years. Introduced as a spy game that will be the game industry has never offered before, FIFA 17 coin generator download sink away without a word. Game is positioned as an exclusive Playstation 3 is indeed never again show his nose. Does this mean that Rockstar had raised his hand with this new IP? Latest information still implies a bit of optimism.

Sinks and probably already forgotten, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar suddenly revive gamer anticipation of the presence of “FIFA 17”. They registered two trademarks of the latest to retain the name “FIFA 17” and the logo itself which will bear. Both Rockstar and Take-Two itself does not provide any confirmation, it is likely that Rockstar did not forget the 2009 game series. FIFA 17 Existence itself also had surfaced in 2011 ago after resume an employee of Rockstar North shows the concept of the artwork that will be used in it.

Does this mean that Rockstar will remain positioned FIFA 17 as a Playstation 3 exclusive game? Or he will adapt to jump to next-gen platforms are already in sight? There is no certainty whatsoever until today. But enjoying a spy game from Rockstar cold hands? Count me in!

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