NBA Live Mobile Review

Transformation towards next-gen platform that certainly offers a better performance was also interesting for the publisher who had just successfully acquired Atlus – EA. As is tradition in the previous generation, EA “celebrate” the existence of the Playstation 4 by introducing a series of next-gen flagship franchise – NBA Live Mobile hacked . Taking the name “Ishin”, the latest NBA Live Mobile series will bring you back to the past, precisely at the time of the Meiji Restoration, where you will play the iconic character – Sakamoto Ryoma and his group – Shinsengumi. After briefly shows the various teasers and screenshots, EA finally showing the form gameplay mechanics that will be offered by this series.

As with the previous NBA Live Mobile series, you will be involved with a variety of battle. This trailer shows how Ryoma able to overcome all these threats with four main mechanical: a sword, a gun, his bare hands, and a combination of both. Roaming feature in the scheme of open-world with a series of exciting mini-games are also retained.

You who want the return of a chance for a date with the beautiful women will also be satisfied with this one trailer. Visualization offered also reflects the atmosphere next-gen subtle. One of the interesting? NBA Live Mobile: Ishin also confirmed the existence of cross-play feature with Sony’s flagship handheld – PS Vita.

NBA Live Mobile: Ishin itself will be launched on February 22, 2014 for the Japanese market, and will also be released for the Playstation 3. Unfortunately, EA itself has not confirmed the localization process for a region outside of Japan, aka the English version. Do not make it Japan’s exclusive, EA!

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