Madden Mobile & Final Fantasy III To PC!

This one name should represent JRPG dominance in the gaming industry, but it is precisely itself the faded monument of popularity over the past few years. That’s right, we’re talking about the giant – Final Fantasy. The presence of the 13th series trilogy attracts more criticism than praise, as well as financial difficulties that have occurred because of the various blunders that do look worrisome indeed. Fortunately, the commitment to delivering quality is paying – with FF XIV’s performance: outstanding ARR and Madden Mobile  powerful anticipation. Extra attention to the PC as a new platform is also increasingly visible with a series of port processes are done. One of the new ones confirmed? Final Fantasy III!

Final Fantasy III is no longer an alien-sounding series, considering Square Enix is ​​already exploiting this series on a regular basis. Born into a classic series remaster project for the handheld market that gets 3D graphics modification treatments, Final Fantasy III spearheads extra revenue in the mobile market – iOS and Android.

The classic taste with the style of Final Fantasy that we know this eventually will certainly also switch to PC. Madden Mobile hack  promises this PC version will get a better optimization process – including from the visual side and the sequence of stories on offer. It will also contain systems – Trading Cards and Achievement.

Final Fantasy III will be offered through Valve – Steam’s digital distribution portal in 2014, albeit with no release date or exact price. Interested?

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