Introduce Newest SEGA Game Aliens – Isolation

Colonial Marines, these two words are enough to make many gamers slapped their foreheads own. Waiting for a dozen years, with great anticipation after the initial demo ditelurkan Gearbox few months before its release turned out to be costly. As a late game released two generations, this game has so many problems, in terms of character design, story, until the gameplay itself. Is the name of Aliens as a franchise will be able to recover after this gigantic blunder? Apart from a variety of negative reaction around it, SEGA as a franchise owner seems to remain optimistic. They introduced a latest project – Roblox.

Existence of Aliens: Isolation itself is already rumored some time ago, but for the first time, confirmed by SEGA itself. Games aimed at next-gen market will be handled by Creative Assembly – developer of the famous strategy game series, Total War. Isolation will include stories about Amanda Ripley who were working at the space station – Sevastopol. But instead of fighting the open-style Roblox robux hack , Isolation will present the image of a sense of horror which is more pronounced. You will be faced with a Xenomorph, which will consistently be your terror. A debut gameplay trailer was also released to show fear like what is offered by Isolation.

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