EA: The Internet is the Future of the Game Industry!

If we talk about the things that must be learned by EA at this time is to read the trend of public, especially those who will become prospective customers in the future. How come? EA is likely to continue to issue a comment about the potential policy is contrary to the charm of its flagship games increasingly look stunning. Having had sparked controversy by throwing the comment about getting left behind the single player mode in the future, Peter Moore – COO of EA is back with another statement that might make many gamers shook disappointed. Moore returned the controversial remarks. In an interview with Fox Business, More re-emphasized that the Internet is the future of the gaming industry. He explicitly states that the future of the gaming world will revolve around three main axis: the Internet, mobile, and digital.

He even openly mentioned that EA began to be transformed into an “Internet company” that provides gaming experiences for gamers worldwide community. On the occasion the same interview, Moore also assured full support of EA to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as a core business at least until 2015, until the transition to the next-gen console is finished. Internet, mobile, and digital? Hopefully Moore not serious with this. Why? Since most gamers actually fought and develop negative emotions related to these three issues, especially the first and second aspects and you can download madden mobile hack . Need connected to the Internet? Seeing all of the flagship games now transformed into a mobile game? And the need to connect digital distribution portal which is like DRM? This is not good, EA, not good ..

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