Tales of Zestiria Release Some Screenshot Prime

Nothing is more comforting for most of the JRPG genre fans around the world in addition to finding that publishers and developers veteran they know, it still showed commitment to continue working. Had reached its golden age in the era of Playstation 1, JRPG genre has become one that is increasingly rare nowadays. In addition to the Final Fantasy which remains the foundation for Square Enix, there is one name that consistently comes with identity is maintained. Absolutely, we discuss the Tales series from Namco Bandai. After the success of Xillia, Namco Bandai has finally announced his next project – Tales of Zestiria and get GTA 5 money generator download.

This new series itself will be re-focused on the story of two main characters, this time revolves around the journey – Slay and Alicia. To help gamers get some idea of ​​what they can anticipate from this series, Namco Bandai has finally released a number of the latest screenshots for Tales of Zestiria. This screen shot shows not only the main character’s actions, but also sekelibat combat system and diverse area that you might find in this new world.

Namco Bandai has yet to confirm a definite release date for Tales of Zestiria, besides the certainty of a fixed platform will be exclusive to  GTA 5. Looks interesting ..

Introduce Newest SEGA Game Aliens – Isolation

Colonial Marines, these two words are enough to make many gamers slapped their foreheads own. Waiting for a dozen years, with great anticipation after the initial demo ditelurkan Gearbox few months before its release turned out to be costly. As a late game released two generations, this game has so many problems, in terms of character design, story, until the gameplay itself. Is the name of Aliens as a franchise will be able to recover after this gigantic blunder? Apart from a variety of negative reaction around it, SEGA as a franchise owner seems to remain optimistic. They introduced a latest project – Roblox.

Existence of Aliens: Isolation itself is already rumored some time ago, but for the first time, confirmed by SEGA itself. Games aimed at next-gen market will be handled by Creative Assembly – developer of the famous strategy game series, Total War. Isolation will include stories about Amanda Ripley who were working at the space station – Sevastopol. But instead of fighting the open-style Roblox robux hack , Isolation will present the image of a sense of horror which is more pronounced. You will be faced with a Xenomorph, which will consistently be your terror. A debut gameplay trailer was also released to show fear like what is offered by Isolation.