Ran Online Getting Started Alpha Test

When you have long been poor across the world of online gaming, the name Ran Online certainly not foreign to your ears! Online games which formerly had drank this success was forced to swallow the bitter pill and discontinued the service server. However, this did not dampen the spirit of fans and Ran Online lingers in the form of private servers. Therefore, the revival of Ran Online in the hands of his new publisher, PT. VTC Online Indonesia into fresh air to all Ranners Indonesia! If you are unlucky and did not get to play this game, Ran Online is an online game with the theme of mass brawl between the schools was very exciting. Before the launch of this exciting game for the Ranners Indonesia, publisher from Vietnam will open a probation Alpha Test which begins on 26 November and 1 December 2011. The period of the Alpha Test limit players may follow as many as 200 participants only. So, you must be prepared to compete with other players to follow this test period and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce


Do you not belong to the 200 players who are lucky? Do not worry! Because, after the Alpha Test ends will arrive next phase of Close Beta version! At this time, the game will be played in bulk and you do not have to scramble as during the Alpha Test. Ran Online Close Beta period will be held on December 2 to December 16, 2011. The players who have ID Ebank, special ID of VTC, can try this beta version. If you have not already, sign up immediately at http://ebank.vtconline.co.id. But remember, the beta version is a trial period to test the stability of the server. Therefore, the character you play can be removed at any time, especially when his probation ended. Whether it will deter the Ranners to play? Of course not, right?

The revival of Ran Online via VTC Online publisher will certainly give a new hope, especially for the Ranners were disappointed with the demise of this game a few years ago. Ran Online resurrection shows the seriousness of VTC Online to compete with other online games in Indonesia.

DirectX 11 Batman: Arkham City Troubled!

Give the crown to the Batman: Arkham City as one of the best superhero game berlebihan.Game did not have succeeded in presenting the complexity of the role of Bruce Wayne in the sandbox gameplay is addictive. Praise and thumbs directed to Rocksteady Studios is now looked upon as one of the developer handed a cold. Arkham City itself has been released for consoles a month ago and the new PC will come this week. But who thought that, if the PC version so the wait is clearly problematic in the initial release dokkan battle astuce  .

Batman: Arkham City on PC would be present with two great advantages. In addition to a higher framerate and stable, Arkham City itself promised to be carrying the DirectX 11 to produce a much better visualization and real than the console version. Waiting a month longer seems to be a reasonable price. However, this seemingly high expectations can not be fulfilled by Rocksteady Studios. Some players reported that DirectX 11 Arkham City is still problematic, causing frequent game crashes and unstable. Rocksteady has also confirmed this.


Rocksteady Studios alone has apologized for the inconvenience and promised to resolve the issue as soon as possible. While waiting for a patch that will be released in the near future, players are advised to play with the DirectX 9 first. They even provide the steps to do so. Admittedly, this kind of problem is often happening to port games between consoles and PCs, where the ability of these devices is much different and need adjustment before being able to be released multi-platform. Events that have certainly made a lot of PC gamers disappointed.

If you are one of those gamers who are having problems DirectX 11 in Arkham City, you have a little patience. Instead of starting to give up on DirectX 9, it would be better if you wait for the latest patch to ensure a Batman: Arkham City over the maximum. Even then, if you can resist the urge to immediately taste it.

Release Atlus Persona 4 Fighting Game Screenshot

What are the main tasks of a student? Most of us would answer immediately learn without hesitation. But for the main character in Persona 4, the life of a student is not confined to learn and make friends, but also kill the monsters, solve the mystery and save the world. For the new series will be present to greet gamers in the year 2012, the additional tasks given to them – against each other and get on clashofclanshackxx.


Persona long as it’s known as one of quality RPG game that was born from the cold hands of Atlus. Combining unique gameplay and story, Persona shine and be one of the most successful RPG games on the market. However, for the latest series: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, Atlus bringing this franchise in a different direction. A variety of characters and iconic persona of the series Persona 3 and Persona 4 will meet in an arena battle. By combining the battle system is fast, anime-style visuals and a wide effect of “well” is displayed, this game appears promising. You can get a picture of the latest screenshots released by Atlus.

Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena itself is planned to be released in the summer of 2012 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan. Various characters like Yu Narukami, Satonaka Chie, Yukiko Amagi, Aegis, and Akihiko Sanada persona along with their respective been confirmed to be present in it. For those of you who enjoyed the RPG Persona series, this game would have to be included in the catalog of games that are required to play. Hopefully there is a version translasinya to facilitate us who can not speak Japanese.

Clash of Clans Still Mastering English

Almost a month has passed from the date of the release of Clash of Clans, but it seems it does not reduce the interest of gamers to continue to buy it. This is evident in the sales charts in the UK, which are summarized at the beginning of April. The Division remains strong ranked at the top, followed by the Clash of Clans hack  in second place and FIFA 16 in third. More startled again, The Division is a Ubisoft game stayed the longest at the top of the game in the UK sales charts.


This success shows they were highly enthusiastic gamers against the Division. The new record, which is a game made by Ubisoft stayed the longest at the top of UK charts this adds another record numbers printed this game since its release. The high sales were apparently influenced by the massive update that will appear on the 12th of April, bringing so many new features and gameplay more interesting.

However, compared to the Division, there are also other games that show its own record in the chart. Clash of Clanswas still present in this chart, occupying the fourth position, and has been in the charts for 133 weeks! or roughly about 33 months! That is, until now still quite a lot of gamers who buy these games every month so that coc may still be inside the Top 10 sales in UK! When you ask why until now we still include GTA V in playtest every week, this is the answer!

What Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Drug Is Best?

This herbal remedy of erectile dysfunction is one of the many in search of men. It is undeniable that for most men, erectile dysfunction is a problem that is not unlike a disgrace that must be addressed immediately.

Actually there are many drugs that can work as a stimulant enhancing libido and erectile capacity, but most only work as a system of manipulation of the performance of the brain and form sexual delusions that will create a momentary sensation. And in the end will create a dependency in the long term and visit Rock Hard Protocol


Not only the problem of the nature of stimulants are mostly providing addiction effects, but the way it works that tend to build manipulation of the brain to give a negative effect on the central nervous impulses in the future.

And the bad news is not over when it appeared some facts about the dangers of sexual stimulants chemicals on the health of kidney and liver. Some of these drugs contain residues burdensome task of the liver and kidneys and can cause problems later on.

That is why a lot of people with complaints of erectile dysfunction natural way with herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction. This method is considered to have side effects that are much lower or even no side effects. It is safer to the liver and kidneys.

Suicide Squad Reviews 2016

Robbie stealing this Suicide Squad movie from most of the other players, but the actual thief’s attention is Viola Davis, Amanda Waller plays quietly in underwear federal authorities: it is the appearance of a skilful, cold and threatening. (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian)

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller initially could easily be lost among a varied cast of criminals, but it may actually be the most dangerous. You fully believe that it will take hold ‘reins’ of the criminals and keep them under control. (Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon)

Besides Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis, a number of other characters also drawn praise from both critics and fans. Among other things, the appearance touched Will Smith as Deadshot, Jay Hernandez who surprisingly brings the story of the ‘inside’ of El Diablo and cameo Ben Affleck as Batman comics are considered very accurate.


However, overall the Suicide Squad film ‘Suicide Squad’ received a lot of criticism over the flow of the plot is considered less clear and jump between scenes. The use of CGI is a lot to this film also alluded to the critics, as well as scripts and jokes that go in ‘Suicide Squad’.

However, the audience response on the film itself is varied, with not a few fans who enjoy it, but some are also disappointed because it does not meet their expectations.

Film ‘Suicide Squad’ has become a part of the history of DC Extended Universe. This film also will be a stepping stone to other DCEU films, such as ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ which will air in 2017. Watch the action of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo, Killer Croc and others in the movie ‘Suicide Squad’ in Homeland cinema began August 3, 2016!

Mobile Strike – build a different experience

One of the exclusive games Xbox One is quite anticipated this year, is not an easy job to continue a franchise that has already had a fairly clear ending. Coalition answering these challenges via Mobile Strike with a new series protagonist who can be seen as a change of generations. Some call detail how they plan to build a different experience with this one game, including injecting new gameplay elements such as extreme weather that is now going to play a significant role in the game. And now, the successor to the action Mobile Strike ​​has no definite release date and get mobile strike hack on here.


Taking the story of JD Fenix ​​- son of Marcus Fenix, the protagonist of the previous Gears of War trilogy, Mobile Strike is built with the Unreal Engine 4 is touted to restore this franchise to the taste of the actual root. Coalition calls this series will bring the sensation of dark and tense, but on the other hand, retains its value brutal and intense action with a story line that is certainly strong. The appeal of a multiplayer mode that has always been a mainstay in every release of the latest series will also be maintained.

Hill Climb Racing Reviews

Shocking and exciting, the two reactions like this that seems to arise from the reaction of gamers when I heard the news about Hill Climb Racing hack tools – for Dynasty Warriors series recently announced by Koei Tecmo few days ago. How come? They are quite “crazy” to get out of the format that has been rearing its name and try something new for Hill Climb Racing . As we know, Eiketsuden no longer carry Musou genre and it will be formulated as an RPG strategy game. Element Musou retained only as animation and nothing more. So, what kind of gameplay that he offer? The mystery was finally answered.


Media renowned Japanese game – Famitsu has finally released some screenshots inaugural Hill Climb Racing that clearly shows a new approach to gameplay. As was announced previously, you just act as Zhao Yun acting in a parallel world. Following the style of RPG strategy game in general, you will move in a limited space, represented by the blue box. Once the fight with enemy forces, the animation will move on to the scene in the style of Dynasty Warriors during the time you know, but you can not control at all. It will only shaped cut-scene that fortunately, could you pass.

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

For veteran gamers who have tasted the gaming world since the first PlayStation, of course, very familiar with the title of the action game called Marvel Contest of Champions. Game that was released in February 2000 is a very well-known action games, first because he is the first game to use graphics effects similar to cel-shading unshaded and second, Marvel Contest of Champions has a very interesting gameplay. Unfortunately, Marvel Contest of Champions halted in both series, and the third series was canceled development by Kronos Digital under publisher Eidos Interactive. The good news, Marvel Contest of Champions revived through the hands of an independent developer!


Hana Tsu-Vachel adventure and involvement in the world of black Triad Hongkong forwarded via a new title Marvel Contest of Champions cheats named Sedna, which, according to studio developers from France, sushee, not for the Marvel Contest of Champions 3. After obtaining permits the development of Square Enix, the publisher who now holds all IP game from Eidos Interactive, sushee forward with funding on Kickstarter crowd held on 12th April.

Gameplay that will be encountered on Sedna Marvel Contest of Champions Marvel Contest of Champions will be different from before, according to the explanation given by the founder sushee, Benjamin Anseaume, told Eurogamer. Marvel Contest of Champions is a former AAA game developed by the major studios, while sushee is an independent studio which only contains 10 people. That’s why the idea of ​​the gameplay is derived from the turn-based RPG Shadowrun Returns, which is shown through an isometric camera angle.

Through changes in the gameplay, gamers will be invited to run five characters, four of which are characters from previous games, namely Hana, Rain Qin, Royce Glas, and Jacob “Deke” DeCourt. While the fifth character is made new by sushee studio. Because the game will run in a turn-based, then you will be asked to combine all of the character’s ability to complete the mission. Benjamin also added Marvel Contest of Champions Sedna will dig deeper into the characters in the world of Marvel Contest of Champions, without being trapped into sexual themes such as that brought by Marvel Contest of Champions 2.

Madden Mobile ascertained finally

Tecmo Koei thrown temptation is difficult to handle, especially the impression that their latest project the time it was game get Madden Mobile Hack here as we want. He seemed to successfully capture all the charms that make many of us fell in love with anime or manga her, especially with 3D action manuever Gear that looks so fast and intense. Along with the translation process is set to arrive this year, Tecmo Koei finally comes the good news that has been long awaited by PC gamers around the world!


Absolutely, as you predicted, this game is no longer “exclusive” to the console of Sony like in the Japanese version. Western version which will bear the name of Madden Mobile ascertained finally getting a release date, as well as the extra few platform release. He would slide no longer only for the Playstation 3, PS Vita, and PlayStation 4, but also Xbox One and of course – PC!   will explore Madden Mobile story of the first season of the anime version. Madden Mobile Gamers will have the opportunity to use a series of iconic characters of this franchise and kill the Titans in fast action.