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Growth and development are two key factors when it comes to understanding the talented artists behind Hill Country Revue. The new album never strays from the band’s unique blend of Southern rock and blues, but rather showcases their pride and progression as not only musicians but as a unified band. “Make a Move was an artistic transition, and Zebra Ranch is a personal one,” Cody Dickinson says.

“This album is a yell of rock and roll rebellion,” Cody says of the new record. “It’s also a loud cry for purpose, meaning and truth – straight from the soul.” Zebra Ranch is exactly that, an album showing the band’s growth into their own identity and sound, exemplifying a band that has truly come into their own. “Zebra Ranch is our ‘we have arrived’ kind of party,” Cody explains.

The album’s title holds a special meaning for Cody Dickinson – Zebra Ranch is the name of the recording studio on his parents’ farm that both Hill Country Revue albums have been created in. His father Jim has been a major influence for everyone in the band, acting as “director” of Make A Move during its creation at Zebra Ranch. “Being an artist himself, he was always producing, even in absentia,” says Cody of his late father, who passed one year ago. “He continues today, and this record is in his memory.”

As a whole, the members of Hill Country Revue feel that Zebra Ranch has been a “huge, full circle event for us.” Cody explains, “This record captures a band realizing its sound to the fullest potential. We have found our identity, carved our niche – now we’re owning it!”

The success of Make a Move validated the ideas and music of the newly formed band, showcasing their technical talent to a new audience. Now with Zebra Ranch, the band is ready to encapsulate their fans once again, as well as bring in an even wider fan base. Hill Country Revue will be on tour supporting Zebra Ranch in the fall of 2010 and throughout 2011.


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HILL COUNTRY REVUE represents neo-southern blues-rock with a harder, faster edge. Formed by Cody Dickinson from the North Mississippi Allstars, the band released their debut album, Make a Move, on Razor & Tie Records in May 2009. The album showed off the band’s deep-south blues roots and penchant for Southern Rock; instantly drawing comparisons to early Allman Brothers. Anchored by their blistering live show, Hill Country Revue quickly established a reputation as THE modern Southern Rock / Blues band for the next generation.

In October 2010, the band released their much-anticipated follow up to Make A Move. The new album, entitled Zebra Ranch, captures the band refining their gritty, blues/rock sound to perfection. “This record is pure country blues and Hill Country Rock,” says Cody Dickinson “no gimmick, no tricks – straight up music from the heart. While never departing from the blend of Southern rock and blues that Hill Country Revue is known for, the band does expand upon their musical range on this record. As opposed to the more bluesy sound on their debut album Make A Move, Zebra Ranch is a little more rock. “Make A Move was an artistic transition, and this album is a personal one,” bandleader Cody Dickinson said. “Zebra Ranch is our ‘we have arrived’ kind of party.”

As part of the North Mississippi Allstars, Cody Dickinson has three Grammy nominated albums under his belt. He has shared the stage with artists as diverse as Kid Rock, Dave Matthews Band and Mavis Staples, and toured all over the world steadily since 1996, earning a legion of fans.

Kirk Smithhart was awarded The Albert King award for Best Guitarist by the Blues Foundation when he was only 19. Since then he has taken his cutting-edge blues guitar style to music lovers all over the world. He grew up in the vibrant blues scene around Jackson, Mississippi and has been turning heads in Memphis as the best new guitarist in town.

Daniel Robert Coburn, born and raised in Flint MI, cut his teeth playing punk rock and hardcore. He eventually went back to his roots and formed Dixie Hustler in 2001. Dixie Hustler released their album “Self Titled” on Diamond D Records produced by Aaron Julison of Kid Rock and Cody Dickinson.

Music runs deep in the family of drummer David Mason. Inspired by his aunt who is a music teacher, Dave began playing drums at the age of 11. By age 19 he was playing professionally and touring with gospel artist Olanda Draper & The Associates. From there he joined the House Band at BB Kings Club in Memphis, TN and soon after was picked up by Cody Dickinson to join Hill Country Revue.

No doubt that Senegalese born Doc Samba represents the future of a whole West African generation of musicians. Born into a family of musicians, he started learning music from a young age and picked up the bass guitar at the age of 14. His talent was quickly noticed and soon he was playing and recording with both national and international artists such as Jerry Gordon, The Marcus Johnson Project, Raheem Devaughn and many more.